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What Works for Health is one component of the UW Population Health Institute’s “Making Wisconsin the Healthiest State” project. This project aims to help us understand and improve health across Wisconsin by answering the following questions:

What Makes this Site Different from Other Sites Assessing Effectiveness?

Many organizations assess the effectiveness of policies and programs that can affect health. Each organization has unique criteria to assess and rate effectiveness and its own scope.

What Works for Health presents assessments of many policies and programs that can impact health through changes to:

Policies and programs in What Works for Health are generally assessed in terms of their effect on the factor(s) that drive health outcomes rather than their effect on health directly (e.g., strategies in the ‘Income’ health factor are assessed for their effect on income, assets, or wealth).

Each reviewed strategy is assigned an evidence rating based on the quantity, quality, and findings of relevant research. When assigning ratings, analysts place the most weight on studies with designs that demonstrate causality; we consider study quality in conjunction with design.